Water & Services Reticulation

Running out of Water

Greytown Bore Field Rising Main
Greytown, the Ponsonby of the Wairarapa region is a popular destination for Wellington travellers these days, all sitting in the cafes in the sun drinking coffee.  To get a good cup of coffee you need good water and Greytown was running out.  The solution was to install a new water main, we traversed the main along one of Greytown’s historic streets and across State Highway 2, all done without incident.
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Keep our water running

Ngaio & Wadestown Watermain Renewal
Water reticulation is a difficult and challenging task to complete without upsetting the locals. Once someone does not have water they are very unhappy and the phones start ringing to the client long and hard.  Not on this job.  We conducted all of our shut downs and watermain connections in the evening while they were all asleep. Over 5 kilometres of pipeline was installed!

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The busiest little street in Wellington with over a metre of concrete, and a bus every 2 minutes

W1150 Wellington City Council
Constable Street, the main road between Newtown and Lyall Bay is easily the busiest little street in Wellington. At 8 metres wide in most locations, over head trolley bus wires and a bus passing every two minutes there is a lot of traffic to contend with.  Wellington’s Road Protection Team requires that the road be reinstated with concrete and asphalt every night and because it is a high volume road we are only allowed to work between 9:00am and 4:00pm.  Combine that with the fact the roadway was on a metre of concrete, you can ask how did we do it?  Lots and lots of planning! Through using differing methodologies like Trenchless and Open Cut Steel Plates! The project was brought in with the locals raving about how well we did!!

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Closure of the Mt Victoria Tunnel State Highway 1 for a fire main

Transit Mt Victoria Tunnel Watermain
The traffic flows of the area are high and the only way to install a watermain in the tunnel is to close it. The vehicle count is 18,000 vehicles per day. We can only close it for two nights.  Problem solved, we worked at night and imported a large crew to install 200 metres of watermain within rock, concrete and noise restrictions in two nights.

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