The CORE difference

We often ask ourselves what makes us different/ better then our competition?

Here is the difference:

  1. People:
    1. You often hear about it in the last few years but we believe in it. Our people are highly trained in their respective fields and each brings a differing personality and set of experience to work
    2. We believe we have a perfect mix.  We complete the project from beginning to end with in house expertise. If we do not have those in house expertises we do not get involved. Today’s world is full of people and companies trying to be something they are not. Put simply, by accepting someone who is trying to be something they are not is very easy to do with all of the smokes and mirrors a good word smith can use.  By starting your project with the wrong people you are destined to have a challenge on your hands. 
  2. Resources:
    1. Our plant and machinery has a value of over 7.5 million dollars and is late model with high production rates.
    2. We choose to run late model gear because we do not tolerate down time! It has too high of an effect on project deliveries.
  3. Systems:
    1. We believe in them! Compliance is not an issue we take lightly.
    2. Quality Assurance: We are ISO:9001:2008 Accredited. We believe this certificate is not something that should be sitting on the wall to show your customers. We use this system as much as we would use a digger on your job. As the Managing Director I believe that self improvement comes from measuring, recording, and analysing your performances. This is not just done at the management levels in our company. We do it for the whole company, from the bottom to the top, and we ensure that all of our staff believes in it.
    3. Health and Safety: Completing your project is important to us but doing it and having no one get hurt is more important to us.
    4. Compliance: Whether it be environmental, or standards, or traffic management, we have a system in place to cover it.
  4. Experience:
    1. We have a strong record of completing the projects on time.
    2. We have worked on all aspects of projects from the initial earthworks to the drainage and water reticulation systems to the roading and then to the as-builts.
    3. We value each and every project. It is a privilege building your world.