Sewer Reticulation

No one else wanted to tender, it can’t be done!

Flood protection, Wellington CBD - Harris St Service Relocations Pit 3 & 4
When first looking at this project tender drawings you could be forgiven for feeling intimidated.  There was not an area on the drawings that was not covered in some sort of service of new alignment for service. The depths of the new services were astronomical as well. To top this off there was every type of service that needed to be shifted and it was in Wellington’s CBD, Frank Kitts Park, and under water at 700mm. Every tenderer came back to the consultant and said it could not be done. Once it started, every three hours there was a problem with a new service discovered (we never hit one service during construction). The project was completed ahead of schedule and to budget.  

More on Harris St Service Relocations (PDF 111kb)

We can’t shut down the rail line

Carterton Sewer Upgrade
Poised with the problem of having to install a new sewer line under the main truck line and keeping the train crossing the railway line every hour we had to come up with a solution that worked. Well we did! We went trenchless and kept the trains running, whilst not even compromising the integrity of the rail line. 

More on Carterton Sewer Upgrade (PDF 82kb)

Toasting Martinborough  

Lake Ferry Sewer Upgrade - Martinborough Sewer Main Augmentation Line
Two separate projects but both have a great environmental benefit to the region. Lake Ferry had been on septic tanks for decades but the high ground water was causing huge infiltration and thus contamination to the soils and ground water. A new sewer system corrected this. Martinborough sewer main was overflowing due to the old pipeline being in a poor state. We installed a new pipeline through some of the regions finest grapes. Our experienced operators did so without any damage and the grapes were harvested, turned into wine and went on to toast the world.

More on Lake Ferry & Martinborough Sewer Upgrades (PDF 82kb)

It is going to end up over budget! NO WAY!

Champion Street Sewer Upgrade, Porirua
Porirua’s first large civil construction project in ten years, the mayor and councillors all came to visit the first few days, excited.  After a week the excitement was gone and the problems had reared their ugly head. The Regional Council changed its requirements for the stream crossings on this project which in turn would have dramatically increased the costs.  The watermain was in the way and would have to be relayed which in turn will add increased costs.  Everyone wanted answers and heads to roll!  NO WAY!!!  We put our heads together with the consultant and came up with a solution that involved less water pipe having to be relayed and reduced the stream crossings. This resulted in the project being on time and on budget!!!  At the end of it we also turned the black berry patch into a park for the community to enjoy!

More on Champion Street Sewer Upgrade (PDF 82kb)

You cannot interrupt the fish passage it would cause an environmental disaster! No Problem!

Peel Place Sewer Upgrade, Wainuiomata
Regional Council had huge concerns about the new sewer line that was being installed 7 metres deep under the river! How are you going to do it while still maintaining fish passage and not diverting the river. Simple- Solution, we installed an HDE pipe and allowed the fish to pass through this while all other works took place!!! Over 5500 cubic metres of earth was moved and reinstalled while completing this project without incident!!!

More on Peel Place Sewer Upgrade (PDF 94kb)