Roading and Civil Construction

In the middle of winter: No way!

Wairarapa Industrial Subdivision - Norman Ave Roading & Services
Upper Hutt Developments has some tight parametres: The financial market had collapsed, funding was drying up, and the project had to be completed within four months in the middle of winter or they would loose half of the pre sales they had on their lots!!!  The financer of this project said there was no way it could be done and the risks were too great!  Well, we spent an hour with the financer and explained how we were going to do it.  We even assumed some of the financial risk to ease their concerns!  Great let’s get started!!  It started as well as they all do, then the rain!  Of the 47 days spent on site during Stage Two of this project, 26 of them were rain affected.  700mm of rain fell during the period of works, the regions annual rainfall is only 1020mm. No problem, project delivered and everyone was happy!!!

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What do you mean you forgot to get the consents?

Manakau Link Road
Every client’s nightmare!  We got started on this kilometre of new roadway that was linking two roads together and we discovered there was a small section of 90 metres of land that did not have consents for the new road to be built on!!!  We pointed this out to the client and the consultant once it was discovered! OUCH!!  What to do, we were ready to start on that section and did not have the consents! We worked through the issue with the client and regional council to get the project back on line!!!

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Raise the road four metres while maintaining traffic

Ohariu Valley Road Upgrade
The main roadway out to Makara and the wind farm is starting construction next year.  We need to raise the roadway four metres and maintain traffic.  How are we going to do this?  Leave it to us, that is what we do!  We will ensure this will be done on time and on budget for you! We simply built a siding and ran traffic using a stop/go traffic management plan during working hours and at the end of the day opened the roadway to the public every day during construction!  All done with no problems or events to think of!

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The logging trucks keep coming and coming! What about the Rally of New Zealand?

Lee’s Paparaka Road – Stronvar Road Upgrade
The main route for all of the logging trucks to this forest and the trees needed to come out.  We built this road and intersection upgrade on time and to budget whilst keeping the logging trucks flowing in and out. Also in the middle of it we had to deal with speed racers from the Rally of New Zealand.  All managed without incident.

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The cart is too long.  How are you going to stay to Program?

SWDC Ngawhi Rock Protection/Boulder Beach
The road to Castlecliff has been slipping away for years and years.  We need to place Rock Armour to slow down the erosion.  The distance from where you can cart the rock from to where you are placing it is getting greater and greater.  How are you going to stay to program as you can only have one dumper on the road at any given time and backing up is extremely slow?  Simple we put in a turn around the Bay three quarters of the way down!  This allowed us to cart the rock in with the dumper in a forward direction and at speed, turn around and dump it where we needed it. All done on time and to project!!

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