Quality Objectives

We want to reduce our footprint on the environment by reducing our overall consumption.
  • We do this by measuring our current consumption levels on several aspects and items of our business; we will review the results and in order to make gains towards achieving our objective we will make changes where required, regarding methodologies of works such as planning and programming, the use of fuel efficient machinery, reduction of travelling hours, etc…. 
  • We will measure this with measures of fuel consumption by hours worked, staff travelling hours by hours worked, and kilometres traveled by $ turnover.
  • “Consuming less will allow our natural resources to last longer!”

We want to increase the involvement of people and unity of purpose within our company and all the persons involved in our organizational chart (involvement input and output results).
  • We will do this by creating an environment that encourages involvement, celebrates successes, assists with failures, and creates an opportunity for advancement.
  • We will monitor staff attendance and measure this as a percentage of days that they are at work. We would like to keep this above 92%.
  • We will monitor length of employment. Currently 85% of our staff have been with us longer than 5 years. We will measure length of service years by overall staff levels.
  • “People with purpose are happy, happy people come to work!”

We want to understand our customers (suppliers, sub-contractors and clients) current and future needs and exceed their expectations.
  • We will achieve this by running to our contract plans, completing contract reviews, measuring our successes, studying our defeats, and making changes at all levels to ensure continual improvement. 
  • We will measure this by our non price attribute grading (+90%) by the amount of desirable tenders won (above 5.5% of contract value) and by,
  • Word of mouth contracts (continual increase currently 1 per month) and by,
  • The amount of contracts won against those lost.
  • “Happy customers are repeat customers and will speak highly of us”

We want to strive to raise all of our KPI’s through continual improvement;
  • We will measure, review, and then make required changes based on informed information.We will measure this by the amount of remedial works that are undertaken on our projects by the value of the contract.
  • Whether we are meeting our mission of 95% on time, 95% on budget.
  • We want to reduce our amount of non conformances. 
  • We want to increase our pass rate for COF/WOF to above 85%. We will measure this as a percentage of fails vs passes. 
  • We want to reduce our current level of insurance claims and thus allowing a safer working environment. 
  • We want to increase our pass rates on our health and safety audits to above 90%.
  • “Achieving our KPI’s will result in an increased quality of our workmanship!”

We want to grow this company as fast as we can while maintaining 40% equity ratio and 5.5% margin in turnover.
  • We will measure this through financial reporting.
  • This will provide opportunity for staff to not only to have continual personal improvement, further training, additional opportunities, possibly a higher level of position in the company, but also higher financial remuneration!

We want to make our work place a safe environment for all that are involved in it!
  • We will endeavour to reduce the current level of lost time injuries.
  • We will do this by ensuring that employees completing a task are trained and competent for the work being undertaken, when planning for projects appropriate staff needs to be assigned to the job to safely achieve the desired results.
  • We will measure this by monitoring our ACC claims that result in lost labour hours by every 100,000 labour hours.
  • Fit trained employees result in increased productivity!”