Mission Statement

“All projects delivered 95% on time, 95% on budget”

“Core Infrastructure is committed to providing customers with products and services that meet or exceed their requirements”

We will identify our customers, determine and agree their requirements and supply products and services to the agreed standard every time.
To achieve this it is the policy of this company to have effective quality systems in place to comply with the ISO:9001:2008 Standard

To demonstrate that the company is dedicated to the ongoing development and improvement of its quality systems, management will ensure that resources are assigned and that all of its staff are assigned and involved.
Accordingly the company agrees to provide appropriate supervision and training and will monitor conformance to each quality standard.

We will also have a process of external audit at appropriate intervals to ensure that our systems and procedures are robust and verifiable.

The directors and management of the company have committed themselves to lead and support the development and maintenance of the quality process for the benefit of staff and the company and its customers.

The responsibility for the quality will be adopted as an integral part of everyday work, therefore it is vital that every employee shares in the commitment to complete all work to agreed standards.