Core People

Our people create our success; we have a highly qualified team that has a passion for building your world.

We believe that everyone in the team creates the success including the people on the ground. It is their years of experience and their attitude of “been there done that” that is the winning formula to a successful project.



Jason Goertzen
Do not allow anyone to tell you that you can’t do that, there are always solutions that don’t fit inside the box.

  • Jason has been involved in the industry for over 20 years and has a high degree of understanding of the complete project; from the initial concept to the budgeting and forecasting to the construction to the delivery of the end product.
  • Jason understands how to complete a successful project.

Carl Philpott

“Got a problem? Let me solve it for you”

  • Carl has worked on several of the company’s projects and faced huge adversities in terms of constraints, problems but has always come up with a solution.
  • Carl is a Project Manager and makes sure that the client is always given what they have been promised and more. Ask anyone who he has worked for. They always say he is a pleasure to work with.
  • Carl has a dynamic fun loving personality that motivates people! 

Graham Davenport

“Been there done that”

  • Graham has been involved in the industry since the seventies. He has extensive knowledge in water reticulation, sewer reticulation, and stormwater projects.
  • He is a hands on foreman that believes in completing the works to the specifications on time the first time.
  • When Graham is on your site you know the work is being done right the first time.

Carlos Willis

“I will build it for you” 

  • Carlos originally started out as a drain layer but worked in industries such as waste management, and has grown into a true leader. Carlos enjoys working with people and loves the challenges that are put to him all the time.
  • Carlos is not above jumping into the trench to make sure the work gets done if that what it needs.

Alan Hohaia

“Seen it all before”

  • Alan’s Background originally started out in engineering. Alan moved onto the civil construction industry 20 years ago. He is a specialist when it comes to HDPE pipe welding. He was one of the pioneers for the process in New Zealand.
  • Alan is another foreman, Alan takes a hands on approach to completing your project.
  • Alan has worked on every type of civil construction you could imagine and in areas all over New Zealand. He makes sure whatever he is responsible for is done right.

Brendan Sims

“It is not just about doing it, it is about doing it right”  

  • Brendan has been involved with machinery since he was a child on the farm. He has over forty years of experience.  He has developed quarries, knows how to crush and make all products of metal. He has worked in forestry roading, drainage, and built several hundred kilometres of road.
  • As a foreman Brendan has the knowledge to make sure your project is completed on time and to budget.

Mike Dally  

As experience goes you will not find anyone who has more.

  • Mike refuses to be put out to pasture and has more experience in more fields of the civil construction industry then most. With 45 years experience you would expect to find him in the office but that is not the case. When you arrive on one of Mikes jobs you will more than likely find him in the biggest digger or grader on the site. If he is not in that he will be on the shovel showing up the young guns.
  • Mike has worked on New Zealand’s biggest projects and in all areas from earthmoving to drainage.
  • A hard man to talk to but you can be sure he is focused on completing your project.