About Us

To become a major force in the civil infrastrucure industry in the Wellington region has been hard work. To do it you must apply hard work with principles such as getting it right, having the right people in the right places, ensuring the client and the consultants have the project they wanted delivered on time and to budget, quality has to come first all the time in every part of your operation and service is what we do!

We have grown from a one man operation to a team of highly trained staff with branches in the Wairapapa and Wellington regions. We have 90 peices of heavy machinery with a plant value exceeding 7.5 million dollars. We deliver projects from beginning to the end, from raw commodity to realisation of product. We beleive that by having a complete understanding of the entire process we can offer better project deliveries.

We have a talented team of staff, combine that with the principles and systems that we beleive and run we beleive that we are the civil infrastructure company that you should use for your next project.