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What CORE means to you:
  • You’re a Government or Local Authority

    We are the company you need!  As part of our mission statement to be 95% on time and 95% on budget you will understand how important this is. We have the systems that focus in on aspects such as QA, H&S, and Risk Management for all parties. We understand the importance that is placed on achieving success with such focus placed on the projects we do by the public.
  • You’re the Project Consultant or Engineer

    We are the company you need!  We will work with you and highlight our local knowledge, give you the wealth of our experience, integrate our systems and keep an open mind that is focused on project delivery.  All of which are factors to help us achieve your goal of delivering an idea to project completion on time and budget (to the client).
  • You want to be part of our team

    We are always looking for talented people with the right attitude.  We can offer you an exciting dynamic place to work with philosophies such as:
    Our people are our most important asset.
    Challenge your boundaries and you never now where you will end up!
    Success comes to the people who want it.
What CORE means to us:

An established, high performance company with talented individuals, breaking new ground in civil construction in New Zealand.